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The lake will be closed for restocking April 1-4. The lake will reopen Sunday, April 5.
Fishing Rates
Public Yearly Pass - $100 Primary
    - $50 Additional Family  Member
Monthly - $50 Per Person
Weekly - $20 Per Person
Daily - $8 Per Person
No charge for hotel guests and renters.
Passes may be purchased at the front desk of the lodge.

Rainbow Head Farms stocked Alpine Lake with 600 lbs. of trout, select brooder trout,and 10 lbs. shiner minnow.

Preamble to Submission of Revised Fishing and Boating Regulations

and-more-fishThe Lake Management Committee is recommending the adoption of these new regulations for Fishing and Boating on Alpine Lake. The process of developing these regulations involved a review of existing regulations, discussion of several drafts and consideration of responses from the Property Owners of Alpine Lake Resort. These recommendations include the expectation of the collection of fees and the active enforcement of the regulations.

It is the hope of the Lake Management Committee that these regulations will improve safety on the lake, offer reasonable protection to the lake and generate some revenue. We are also hopeful that the revenue generated will be carefully monitored and will be made available for expenses associated with the continued health of the Lake.

Because, as would be expected, the survey did not yield a unanimous view of Lake usage, these regulations are proposed for the 2013 lake usage season.   At the end of that season, the Lake Management Committee will evaluate the effectiveness of these regulations and might propose modifications for the 2014 season.

Alpine Lake Boating Regulations

All boaters on Alpine Lake must operate within the regulations listed below.   Copies of these regulations will be published in two Newsletters per year, will be available at the front desk in the lobby of the Lodge, will be available at the Guard House and will be posted by the boat launch.   Failure to comply can result in loss of boating privilege and/or fine.   The security officers will be charged with monitoring the use of the lake. Property owners may report apparent infractions to security officers.

Boating on Alpine Lake is permitted without charge to all ALPOA members in good standing (including their family members and guests), to ALPOA and ALPUC employees and their immediate families (spouse, children under 16 and parents) and to all renters while they are renting. 

Members of the public may purchase boating permits (a permit is good for one boat) at the lobby of the Lodge or at the Golf Pro Shop. Day permits are $5, week permits are $15, month permits are $50, and season permits are $100.   Permits must be available for inspection at any time.

The boating season begins when the lake is clear of ice in the spring, and ends when ice begins to form on the lake in the fall. The Lake Management Committee will determine when the lake is open for boating. A sign will be posted by the boat launch indicating the status of boating on the lake (“Closed for Boating” or “Open for Boating”).   No boats are allowed on the lake when the Closed for Boating sign is posted. 

During the boating season, boating is permitted from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 30 minutes before sundown. The only exceptions to this are special events sanctioned by the Lake Management Committee. 

U.S. Coast Guard-approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) must be worn by all occupants of boats prior to May 1st and after October 1st. During the rest of the season, there must be an appropriate PFD onboard for each person on a boat. Any boater under 12 years of age must wear a PFD at all times while in a boat that is on the water. 

Boats on Alpine Lake may not be more than 17 feet long. They may be human powered, wind powered or powered by electric engine (maximum 1.5 horsepower). No gasoline engines or gasoline tanks are allowed on the lake, even if not in use. 

Offensive, aggressive, or continuously loud behavior on the lake will not be tolerated. Property owners may report such behavior to security officers. 

 All boats must be launched and retrieved from the boat ramp and dock, not from any other shoreline locations. Boats should not contact the shoreline in other parts of the lake. Boats may not be stored along the shore.

All fishing regulations (detailed elsewhere in this document) must be followed while using a boat.

Alpine Lake Boatyard Regulations

Storage of small boats in the boatyard is permitted for ALPOA members in good standing for an annual fee that is established by the Board of Directors.  

Boatyard permits for any calendar year may be purchased along with the annual assessment payment. However, ALPOA members in good standing may purchase a boatyard decal at any time. Decals may be purchased through the ALPOA office during regular business hours or via mail. The decals will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited. 

Current permit decals should be affixed on boats as soon as possible. After June 1st, any boat without current registration may be removed from the boat yard.   A fee for the removal and storage will be set by the Board. 

Normally the boatyard will be open year around. However, it may be closed for maintenance or construction. Notification of planned closure will be given 60 days prior to closing. In the case of an ‘emergency’ closing as much notice as possible will be given. Notifications will appear in the Alpine Lake Resort Newsletter and in the For What It’s Worth Newsletter.

No trailers may be stored in the boatyard. Any trailers used to launch a boat must be parked in the upper parking lots, not in the lot by the boat house and boatyard. 

All boats must be launched from the boat ramp or dock, and removed from the lake at the boat ramp or dock.

Alpine Lake Fishing Regulations

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when fishing. Motel guest, renters and the general public may purchase Alpine Lake boating/fishing permits at the front desk at the Lodge or from the fee box by the boat launch. All fishing permits must be available for inspection at any time. A boat launch permit will allow for one angler (either in the boat or on the shore). 

Fee Structure: Permits or Property Owner’s card must be available for inspection by security.

1.      Property Owners in good standing, and their families and guests – No Charge
2.      ALPOA and ALPUC employees and spouse, children under 16 and parents – No Charge
3.      Motel guests and renters (while they are renting) -- No Charge
4.      General Public – Daily fee of $8, weekly $20, monthly $50, annual $100 per person 

Fishing Locations:

 No fishing is allowed in areas with ‘no fishing’ signs posted. The following areas are restricted with or without signage:
·         Within 100 feet of the shoreline of the golf course area adjacent to the Number 10 and 11 fairways and greens (at the base of the hill between the lodge and the lake)
·         Within 100 feet of the shoreline starting at the boat launch, past the boathouse, to the end of the farthest end of the children’s play ground 
·         Within 100 feet of the roped-off swimming area

Fishing Practices:

o   No more than two lines per person are allowed
o   Fishing from the shore is permitted from one hour before sun rise until one hour after sun set.
o   Daily Creel Limits
o   Sunfish and Bluegills: No limits
o   Perch and Crappie: Five per day, 8” MINIMUM
o   Trout: Two per day
o   Bass: Two per day (only fish between 12” and 15” may be taken from the lake; all others must be returned soon enough after catching to promote their survival)
o   During spawning season (April 15 – June 1) all bass must be released 
o   No live bait (including worms) is allowed during spawning season (April 15 - June1).
o   Ice fishing is not permitted.
o   Anglers are encouraged to follow conscientious catch-and-release practices, such as:
o   Holding a fish with a cloth rather than bare hands to avoid transferring damaging body oils to the fish (handling the fish by the lip is preferred)
o   Removing a hook, as quickly as possible, trying to minimize damage to the fish’s mouth
o   Gently lowering a fish into the water rather than throwing it