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Tennis Courts

Property owners and guests may enjoy tennis, pickleball, and basketball on our newly renovated courts however, they may find it difficult to concentrate on the game with the spectacular mountain and lake views. Four courts are available for your enjoyment as well as a covered picnic area and horseshoe pits.
The tennis program includes FREE lessons for kids on Saturday morning at 9:00 followed by FREE adult round robin doubles at 10:00. 
On Wednesday morning is an adult Doubles Clinic with a small $7 fee. 
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Tennis Court Regulations:
  1. Courts may be used by Alpine Lake residents and their accompanied guests, employees, motel guests and renters of Alpine Lake properties. All other play must be approved by the General Manager. Players must be prepared to identify themselves if requested.
  2. The courts are to be used only for tennis and basketball, unless approved by the General Manager. Shirts and proper attire must be worn at all times. The only footwear allowed on the courts is tennis/court shoes. No bicycles, baby strollers, skate boards, rollerblades, pets, glass or food are allowed on the courts. Children under the age of thirteen (13) require adult supervision at all times from an "immediate family member" age eighteen (18) or older. Any activity that might damage the courts is strictly forbidden.
  3. Leave nets up at all times, and take proper care of the courts.
  4. Spectators (including children) are not permitted on the courts. They must observe from outside the fence.
Tennis Etiquette:
  • Do not retrieve tennis balls from the other court while play is in progress.
  • Do not enter the gate at court #1 while play is in progress on that court.
Court Reservations:
  • Sign-up sheets will be posted daily (for next-day usage) at the front desk in the Lodge. Courts will be available for play from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Sign-up will be on a first-come basis. You may ONLY sign up for yourself and members of your family. Usage per family is limited to two (2) one-hour blocks of reserved play per day.
  • Reserved courts must be claimed within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time or any resident/approved player may use the court for the remainder of the hour.
  • If the court is not reserved, anyone may claim it for the hour.
  • Property Owners and their accompanied guests, employees, renters, and motel guests play tennis and basketball without fee. Public seasonal memberships are available for $100 (primary player) and $50 (per additional family member).