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Golf News

This page will be used for league, member, and general golf news.

  Pictured below from left to right; front row: Josh Lutton, Jake Gazella, Bret Barrett, Jonathan Gazella; back row: Tyler Wood, Isaiah Simon, Jimmie Blumenauer, and Nick Barrett.
Alpine Lake Junior Golf Tournament
Alpine Lake was host to 30 junior golfers, ranging in age from 10 to 18, and their friends and families. There were 4 age divisions 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, & 17-18. The level and quality of play was excellent. Winners: 10-12 (9 holes) 1st Jake Gazella (40); 2nd Bret Barrett (47). 13-14 (18 holes) 1st Jonathon Gazella (95); 2nd Josh Lutton (96). 15-16 (18 holes) 1st Tyler Wood (75); 2nd Isaiah Simon (96). 17-18 (18 holes) 1st Nick Barrett (76); 2nd Jimmie Blumenauer (81). Winners of the skill holes: closest to the pin on #3 Jacob Gazella; #14 Brennan McMullen, and straightest drives #5 James Poling; #13 Will John. These young adults came from WV, MD, and PA.