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Alpine Lake Ladies Golf Organization

Mission Statement

ALLGO is dedicated to the enjoyment of the game of golf and sharing camaraderie
among its members. ALLGO is also committed to encouraging women, at all skill levels,
to continue to improve their games and to learn its rules and etiquette.
Through discussion and teamwork, ALLGO develops activities and programs to
enhance its members enjoyment of the game of golf.

The 2014 Season begins on May 8th and ends on August 22!

And, please join us for our pre-season Ladies Lunchon on May 1 and our post-season Margarita Scramble on August 29!
 We look forward to seeing our returning members and also look forward to welcoming new members! 

Please check back for ALLGO's 2014 schedule of activities.   

ALLGO's 2013 Top Golfers....to come!   


  ALLGO's 2012 Top Golfers:  
pdf2012 ALLGO Championship 

  For golf tips and more....see below!  

  Photo Gallery

pdf2013 ALLGO Invitational Pictures

pdf2012 Invitational Photos

pdf2011 ALLGO Invitational photos

2012/2013 photos courtesy of Tom Nevin

2011 photos courtesy of John Laing  

Golf Tips & More!
pdfGolf's Lingo

pdfGolf Etiquette 101

 pdfKnowing the Rules of Golf Can Save You Strokes

pdfThe Basics of the Unplayable Lie

pdfAnd, What Do Those Colored Stakes Mean?

pdfRules on Playing Golf Balls in Bunkers or Hazards
pdfFive Health Benefits of Golf

pdfAre You Too Old To Start Playing Golf? Absolutely Not!

pdfPractice Schedule - Freddie Harrison, Golf Pro