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ECC Forms

Contact Information: ECC Contact Information
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The ECC will meet Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. This change will enable them to coordinate with the office to expedite the approval of permits.

PERMITS NOT REQUIRING A FILING FEE - the ECC has granted a standing variance exempting the following permits from the $30.00 filing fee. You still need to file the appropriate form.

- Painting or staining a structure with the existing color (no change in colors).
- Installing a central air conditioning system, heat pump, or an auxiliary generator.
- Tree removal.
- Contractor repair of storm damage where footprint and appearance are not changed.
- Re-roofing with the same color and material.
- Window replacement.

Owners do not need to file a permit for the following actions.

- Work inside the home.
- Repairs by the owner that do not change the outer appearance of the property.
- Tree trimming.
- Planting trees and bushes.

 Click the name of the form below to view it in a separate window:
ECC Contact Information New Dwelling Approval
Contractor List Attachment No-Fee Permits
ALPUC Guidance for Water and Sewerage Occupancy Approval
Release Performance Bond Contractor Responsibilities
Tree Removal Permit Improvement Approval
Portable Utility Building Propane Tank Approval
Fuel Oil Tank Dwelling Addition
Combine Lots Agreement ECC Form 16 Parking
Construction Extension Application for Contractor Approval
Application for Painting or Staining Approval Application for Driveway Approval
Contractor Evaluation  pdfDriveway Standards.pdf